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Bealtaine Day: Celebrating Creativity in Older Age

May 27 2009 5:51PM

Garvan Gallaher, Photograph. JP_Boyle

Bealtaine Day provides the chance to enjoy the e v+ a exhibition through a bus tour, meet e v+ a artist Garvan Gallagher and partake in a photography workshop. Participants are invited to take part in some or all of the days activities.

Gavin Gallagher will discuss his artwork Wearing Purple, in which he facilitated a series of self-portraits of the eldest members of the community in his hometown, a small village in Co. Donegal. The series of photographs present a narrative of some of the inhabitants of this village, people who were the adults from his childhood. It presents their perfectly normal lives photographed in their perfectly normal homes. The subjects range form 65 to 98 years of age, each stares into the camera under an artificial light holding the cable release that runs back to the camera. Each is in control of their own portrait.
The workshop facilitated by Gavin Gallagher will take this work Wearing Purple as the theme for the workshop. The artist will photograph participants individually in a similar style to the portraits in e v+ a. Each participant will receive a photograph in the coming weeks.
10.15-10.30     Welcome - Tea and coffee at Limerick City Gallery of Art
10.30-1.00       Bus tour of all ev+a venues
2.00-2.45         Wearing Purple artist’s talk and demonstration with ev+a artist Garvan Gallagher at
                          former Limerick School of Art and Design Building, (LIT) George’s Quay
2.45-3.00         Tea and coffee (George’s Quay)
3.00-5.00         Wearing Purple portrait workshop (George’s Quay)
Admission is free for all events. Booking is recommended for each event.
Supported by Limerick City Arts Service with Bus kindly provided by Bus Eireann

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