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Connolly / Cleary - Plus/Minus - Interactive Video Installtion

Artists Talk: Denis Connolly / Anne Cleary

Oct 4 2009 5:01PM

Paris based collaborative duo, Connolly / Cleary, recent winners of the prestigious AIB Prize 2009, will give an talk on their practice, projects and interests on Friday 2nd October. Denis Connolly and Anne Cleary working collaboratively have developed a practice which they call observer participation, bringing the public and other collaborators into works that they call entanglements. This has led them into partnerships with musicians, dancers, writers and teachers. Their work has a uniquely personal style, combining documentary, experimental film, installation, performance, photography, computer programming and text, with a recurring theme; the boundary between art and life. There is a strong message of active civic engagement behind their work, which engages with ecological and social that are significant today.  

Show your Stripes a dual video installation consisting of Plus/Minus an interactive video installation and juxtaposed with 12345SIX musical video of workmen creating a zebra-crossing. The large stripy projection, was created for LCGA in 2006, inviting viewers to step into a projected Stripe Painting and change it with their movements. The second half was inspired by road workers painting strips on the street, set to music by the French composer Jean Philippe Renoult, the ensemble invites you to get in there and really show your stripes.

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