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Family Day: Visit

Jul 5 2009 3:31PM
Limerick City Gallery of Art


This extra special Family Day invites families to visit the Open Studios upstairs in the gallery in June and July. Bernardine Carroll, one of the artists working in the studio, will tell you all about her 'Travel Free Travel' project and talk to you about where you would take a visitor, showing them your favorite places in Limerick. Bernardine would like to bring a visitor to the Peoples Park and look at the beautiful trees. She hopes when you visit you will help her to make a new tree sculpture for the park.


Looking at many ways of making art, children will experiment with new and exciting ways of making through drawing, painting, collage and sculpture! Kids and Mummies, Daddies, Granny's or Uncles can have their own making fun! Workshop facilitated on a voluntary basis by local artists and by LCGA staff.


Upcoming family day on July 11th ‘Paint in Rhythm’.

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