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SEMINAR: IN SITE, Residencies in Public

Aug 6 2009 3:21PM
Limerick City Gallery of Art


Pre Seminar Reception Friday 17th July, 3pm

Limerick City Gallery of Art is delighted to present 'IN SITE: Residencies in Public' Seminar on Friday 17th of July. This seminar seeks to discuss the positioning of the artist working within public contexts and the dialogue and exchange which may grow from this.

'IN SITE: Residencies in Public' takes place in the context of Behind Smoke and Mirrors, a residency project which invited five artists to engage with public context of the gallery while facilitating development of new work. The curatorial construct of a hybrid laboratory exhibition / open studio questions the use of the gallery space and places the artists in the visibility of the visiting public.

The traditional system of producing and exhibiting art maintains a definite distance between artist and audience. What happens then if artist and audience come face to face? The uncertainty of outcome generated by live and unmediated interaction between public and artist, has the potential to generate a diverse exchange. This seminar seeks to question how the function of the residency changes when placed within public contexts. IN SITE raises the possibility of engagement with artwork becoming a dialogical process and social experience. In this context direct public engagement may allow artists further insight into how audience conceive of their work, while through this access viewers gain insight into the practices, processes and difficulties of producing art.

This seminar brings together a selection of artists, curators and arts coordinators to discuss the issues raised in locating the production and development of art in public contexts. Each seminar participant will give a short presentation, followed by an open discussion of the issues raised and an opportunity for audience questions and feedback.

Chair: Susan Holland, Curator of Behind Smoke & Mirrors.
Speakers: Aideen Barry, Visual Artist/Writer; Philip Delemere, Roscommon Arts Officer; Carl Giffney, Visual Artist; Magdalena Jitrik, Visual Artist; Cliodhna Shaffery, Independent Curator/Writer; Sarah Tuck,  Director of CREATE.

Seminar is Free. Booking Advised.

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