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Double ACT

Thursday 26 - Saturday 28 May 2011
5th Floor, Thomas Street Centre, Limerick

From 26-28 May, as part of its off-site programming, Limerick City Gallery of Art presents Double ACT a series of conversations, screenings and some reflections on the collaborative process in partnership with In_flux, the new alternative art fair, hosted and organised by Occupy Space, Thomas Street, Limerick.

Double ACT features:

Thursday 26 May, 5pm

Curating Collaboratively, How does that work?
Jota Castro one of the two lead curators with Dublin Contemporary discusses his art and curatorial practise with Marian Lovett, Curatorial Advisor with LCGA

Friday 27 May, 5pm

What it is not
In association with Lux Art Agency, LCGA presents a selection of new film and video work by UK based artists. What it is not/New Works UK is curated by Gil Leung for LUX.

What it is not  Programme Content:
Ed Atkins: Death Mask 2: the Scent, 8’19,
Mark Aeriel Waller: Phantom Avantgarde,8’10
Mark Lecky: Concrete Vache,25’00
Laure Provost: The Artist, 10’10
James Richard: Misty Suite, 6’0
David Raymond Conroy: Ramon Requilman Live, 6’09

Saturday 29 May, 12-6pm

12pm  Courage to Refuse
Introduced by Shane Cullen and John Buckley

Courage to Refuse takes its name from a humanitarian resistance group in Israel. In 2006 four artists Katie Barlow, John Buckley, David Crawforth and Shane Cullen were commissioned by Beaconsfield Art Projects to present a collaborative work under the umbrella of the Culture & Conflict Group (established Chicago 1998). Courage to Refuse, the DVD, was first presented at Emily Tsingou Gallery, London as part of the exhibition A Selected State.

2pm Guerillere Talks (47 mins) and Liberty’s Booty (24mins)
Introduced by and Vivienne Dick and  Treasa O Brien

Vivienne Dick’s films have been screened at cinemas, museums and film festivals internationally, including Tate Britain, Moma and the Whitney in New York, IMMA in Dublin, and the Edinburgh and Berlin Film Festivals.  Guerillere Talks and Liberty’s Booty are classics from New Yorks ‘No Wave’ Counterculture era. Treasa O’ Brien  has worked closely with Vivienne in curating and positioning Vivienne’s work in and outside Ireland.

4pm Sugar (82 mins)
Introduced by Paddy Jolley and Daniel Jewsbury

A woman comes out of a refrigerator, crawls across the floor, opens the heating vent and exhumes a corpse - her own.  From this crisis point, Sugar tracks a journey into the vertiginous realms of the mind.
Dissolving the parameters between reality and psychosis, dream and delusion, Sugar descends into a labyrinth created through the arresting performance of Samara Golden.




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