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EXHIBITIONS OPENING Friday 24th May 2013 Act of Portrayal & ART WORKS

24th May - 26th July 2013
Limerick City Gallery of Art

The Act of Portrayal and ART WORKS

The Act of Portrayal

In celebration of 40 years of University of Limerick, and in collaboration with Limerick City Gallery of Art, the Act of Portrayal is an exhibition where 14 Artists from Limerick’s numerous Studios are invited to respond to their own selection from the National Self Portrait Collection (NSPC), held at the University of Limerick’s campus. This diverse exhibition is an opportunity for Limerick’s public and visitors to see 14 works from the extraordinary NSPC, alongside some of Limerick’s most dedicated young Artists. Included in the selection are Robert Ballagh, John Shinnors, Nigel Rolfe and Mary Duffy among others.

Artists from Faber Studios, Contact Studios, Wickham Street Studios and Limerick Printmakers contribute their work in response, with a range of media from sculpture, installation, painting and mixed media. Further exhibitions to celebrate the 40th birthday of UL will take place in the Hunt Museum and Limerick Printmakers



Featuring the work of Felicity Clear, Anita Groener, Pamela Dunne and the School of Architecture in the University of Limerick (SAUL) This exhibition is one that is unfolding, challenging visitors to see how Artists make their work, reflect on the time that such work takes, as well as the temporary nature of the media in some case – Felicity Clear will make a drawing on the wall for the duration of the exhibition – it will then be painted over. Anita Groener contemplates the passage of time and Pamela Dunne shows her works literally fading away. SAUL Present us with an empty room which will become full by the end of the exhibition as work in progress fills the empty room.

Visitors are invited to see how it all emerges, in a contemplation of the Work of the Artist. This exhibition lies within the theme for the Artistic Programme 2013, which examines labour and society in the centenary year of the 1913 Dublin Lockout.


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