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Book launch of Artist Christine Mackey's 'Seed Matter'

7th March 2013 @ 5.30pm
@ Limerick City Gallery of Art


Limerick City Gallery of Art invites you to attend the book

launch of Artist Christine Mackey's 'Seed Matter'

An Artist's talk at 5.30pm will be followed by

a complemtary drink.

                                                          Thursday, March 7, 2013
The SEED MATTER publication produced and designed by Christine Mackey utilizes the ‘historical pamphlet ’as the basis for the design and content of this work because of its association with ‘rogue literature’ that created an alternative space for public debate. Bruno Latour has variously described such a space as ‘voices of the collective’ or the ‘alting’ of universal citizens. In taking up these ideas, Mackey is interested in how artists can develop work in a collaborative context,transcending notions of representation for the production of a series of possible events or gatherings in various forms such as this publication and exhibition.

In using the event as a connective process, the pamphlet and exhibition work together in assembling a wide range of responses from people concerned with current debates on foods overeignty,seed culture,land use and community gardening.

Contributions include: Roland von Bothmer,Svaldbard Global Seed Vault,Sarah Kleeger & Andrew Still,The Seed Ambassadors,Madeline McKeever, Brown Envelope Seed, Sanaa Abdul Wahab Al Sheick, Iraqi Gene Bank,Kate Corder, Artist & Allotment holder, Betty Geelan & Maureen Harrison, Dr. Vandana Shiva,NAVDANYA, Kultivator Artists and Farmers, Kerr Pink, Fidelma Mullane, Cultural Geographer, Mitch Dunne,Transition Town Group,Leitrim, CluaininGarden Allotment Holders,and Dr.Ollie Moore.


Realised with support from The Arts Council of Ireland, Limerick City

Gallery of Art,The Butler Gallery, Kilkenny, The Leitrim Sculpture Centre,

Leitrim County Council Arts Office.

This book launch takes place during the exhibition SEED MATTER which continues until March 15th 2013

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