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30 Days Hath September

30 Days Hath September

3rd- 30th of September 2015
Limerick City Gallery of Art


LCGA is one of the city’s much loved civic spaces and 30 Days Hath September is a celebration of that special place and all of the amazing developments that have taken place in Limerick over the last 30 years.

30 Days Hath September is a programme of new, unusual and unexpected offerings. Please join us for the month long celebration….and remember all events are FREE

THANKYOU to All who participated and to those who came to the 30 Days Hath September events!


 Eamonn O'Mahony


Georgian Portfolio 2008

Georgian Portfolio 2008 is a suite of photographs by Eamonn O’ Mahony

to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Irish Georgian Society. The

photographs of Georgian Limerick were on display in The Hunt Museum

as part of the 30 Days Hath September celebrations.

  Celebrating 30 years  3RD SEPTEMBER


30 Days Hath September has as its cornerstone a selection

from the permanent collection by Paul O’ Reilly, LCGA’s first

director. Much loved paintings and more recent acquisitions

were on display.

 Economy of Appearances-Mark Curran  6:00pm - The Economy of Appearances

The Economy of Appearances is the title of Mark Curran’s

exhibition. Continuing a cycle of long-term projects focused

on the predatory impact of global capital, Curran explores

these sites and beyond to try and elaborate our understanding

of what is deciding all of our futures. Both exhibitions will

continue until November.

 Crossings  8.30pm - Crossings

The Vanbrugh Quartet will perform Crossings, their newly

commissioned works by Sean Doherty, Linda Buckley and Dave

Flynn. Iarla O Lionaird will join The Vanbrugh Quartet to perform

Linda Buckley’s work, O Iochtar Mara. This project was funded by

The Arts Council Project Awards (Music). 


2:00pm - Limerick City of Culture and Beyond

Artist Tom Prendergast gives a talk based on his handmade

cut-out paper postcards with image and text detailing his

involvement with Limerick City of Culture and beyond.


12:00 - 1:00pm - A Way Of Seeing

Each Saturday during 30 Days Hath September, we will be

taking a slightly different approach to our weekly children’s workshops.

We will be creating opportunities for children to engage with both

exhibitions. Children will be invited to view and discuss the artworks

on exhibition and everyone will be encouraged to make art in response

to a variety of experiences. In these workshops, children will also

explore art materials, tools, techniques, values, interests, and their own



3:00pm - Hugh Maguire

Director of The Hunt Museum, Hugh Maguire joins us to talk about the

development and the value of permanent collections.

  7TH, 8TH, 14TH, 15TH, 21ST, 22ND, 28TH AND 29TH

3:00pm - Gallery Guided Tours

On Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the month, the Gallery will host a

tour of and talk about the exhibitions. These tours can be tailored to meet

the needs of a particular group. The tours and talks series will provide a

range of opportunities for people to engage with contemporary artwork

through discussion and reflection.

 King of the Seas Party 9TH SEPTEMBER

10:00 am and 11.30am - The King of the Sea’s Party

(For 0 to 4 year olds and their parents)

It’s party time under the sea. All the fish and sea creatures are

busy polishing their scales and practicing their dance moves for

the King of The Sea’s annual party. In association with The Ark.

Note: The maximum number of children per performance is 12,

children must be accompanied by an adult. 


  6:00pm - What the FTSE?

Dr Stephen Kinsella, University of Limerick economist, blogger

and broadcaster, will take a look at the theme of Mark Curran’s

exhibition, he will shed some light into the dark concerns of the

Market and discuss how it is deciding all of our futures – and

what we can do about it.


2:00pm - QUEST

Artist, Deirdre Power and historian, John Logan will discuss

the research underpinning QUEST and William Roche’s Hanging

Gardens, embarking on personal considerations on the role of

the strange and exotic in the everyday. Supported by Limerick

City of Culture 2014.

 Eva Catalogue Launch small 12TH SEPTEMBER

4:00pm - 6:00pm - EVA International 2014 catalogue launch

EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial 2014: AGITATIONISM

Catalogue launch with special guest Bassam El Baroni.

For more information visit

 Paula Meehan and Elaine Gaston 16TH SEPTEMBER

6:00pm - Mysteries Of The Home

Ireland Professor of Poetry Paula Meehan will read

from her many collections, alongside Ballycastle

poet Elaine Gaston who will read from her recently

published collection The Lie Of The Land.



10.15am & 12:15pm - Ridiculous

(6 - 10 yrs)

If you like crazy poems, silly songs or nonsense verse, share

the most absurd and funny writing from some of our best

loved children’s writers and poets including Roald Dahl, Sven

Silverstein, Lewis Carroll, James Joyce, Tom Lehrer and

Marrion Edgar. In association with The Ark

 Limerick Lace 18TH SEPTEMBER

2:00pm - Limerick Lace

Giordana Giach will talk about her research into Limerick Lace and its

relevance to contemporary craft.

 Luggage doors operating

5:00pm - 10:00pm - Culture Night

A nationwide opportunity to engage with city and county wide cultural

facilities and activities. For more information visit



1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm - Tasting Blue

A special dance performance for the Gallery.

Choreography and Performance: Megan Kennedy.

Composition and Performance: George Higgs

 Music Generation


3:00pm - Limerick Voices

This event is a rolling series of live music events

presented by Music Generation Limerick City.

Stages are located in the different galleries, with

the audience moving from room to room as one

performance closes and another starts.

 When Mister Dog Bites


11:00am - When Mister Dog Bites

(Transition year +)

Critically acclaimed author Brian Conaghan reads from When Mister Dog

Bites and talks about his forthcoming book and his life as a writer.

Note: may contain strong language.

 Song of the Bees 23RD SEPTEMBER

3:00pm - Amhrán na mBeach

In 2014, Softday, in collaboration with the Limerick City Gallery of Art,

presented a newly re-scored live performance of Amhrán na mBeach (Song

of the Bees), based on scientific and creative findings. Hear about the

project in this talk presented by Sean Taylor and Mikael Fernström.



1:00pm - The Mushroom Book

Opening of The Mushroom Book by John Cage, Lois Long, Alexander H. Smith.

This Edition of original lithograph prints is part of the Permanent Collection.

John Cage, legendary composer of experimental sounds and silence, was

fascinated with mushrooms. The lithographs comprise a series of beautifully

drawn mushrooms by Lois Long, together with notes, poems and musings

by Alexander H. Smith and John Cage himself. New work by Helena Grimes

and Softday’s Acouscenic Listening soundmaps.

 Seoda 6.30pm - SEODA

Limerick’s own SEODA, lift your spirits with a tea time performance at

LCGA, with conductor Maire Keary-Scanlon

 Poetry by Heart


1.10 pm - Poetry By Heart

A Limerick tribute to WB Yeats to mark the 150th anniversary of the poet’s

birth in a poetry performance event, directed by Ciarda Tobin, with Diane

Daly of the Irish Chamber Orchestra on violin.

 Jazz Festival 26TH SEPTEMBER

12.00 noon - Limerick Jazz Festival

Limerick Jazz Festival presents a special birthday concert at the gallery.


3.00pm - LCGA at The Hunt Museum

Aoife Ruane, Director of the Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda will give a talk

entitled ‘An Artist’s Vision’ which will specifically look at the inspiration of

Bea Orpen on the Drogheda Municipal Art Collection.


11:00 am - Irish Chamber Orchestra

Sing Out With Strings is a successful community engagement initiative

designed and delivered by the Irish Chamber Orchestra. The programme

provides tuition in singing, song writing, violin and cello tuition to over

300 children throughout Limerick City. If you want a joyful, uplifting and

inspirational performance, this performance by some of the children

involved is for you. 

Here's Me Here                             


6:00pm - Here’s Me Here

Musician, Neil Martin and writer Glenn Patterson join forces to bring 30 Days

Hath September to a memorable close. Glenn Patterson’s latest collection,

Here’s Me Here follows Lapsed Protestant (2006). Neil Martin is a musician,

composer and collaborator. Amongst major symphonic and choral commissions

are The Great and First Object(2013) for soprano and orchestra; Further Shore

(2012) – an orchestral and choral setting of part of Seamus Heaney’s The

Cure at Troy, for Barry Douglas and Camerata Ireland.



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