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2nd, 8th, 9th, & 16th March
Limerick City Gallery of Art

MARCH EVENTS 2nd, 8th, 9th,  & 16th 


Thursday 2nd - Anger is an Energy  Eoin Devereux @ 6pm

In the first of our series of springtime events, Word's Out, we welcome Professor Eoin Devereux to share his lifelong relationship with and insights into punk music.  Punk was closely linked to painting, fashion and performance art in the 1970s and 80's scene that revolutionized music, snarled truth to power and blew everything else out of the water.

ANGER IS AN ENERGY 2017 event 2nd March 2017 @ 6pm


Some 41 years after the punk explosion,  ‘Anger Is An Energy:  Punk Rock and Me’ will witness Eoin Devereux examine his life-long relationship with punk music.   Eoin’s talk will examine the legacy and lasting influence of punk rock. Expect lots of images and sounds which will bring you back to the faces and places associated with punk culture here in Limerick and further afield.   

Professor Eoin Devereux is Associate Professor in Sociology and Assistant Dean for Research in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Limerick. His main teaching and research interests are focused on Media, Popular Music, Fan Studies and Media Audiences. He has published extensively on media representations of poverty and exclusion. Professor Devereux is a co-founder/ director of two multidisciplinary research clusters at University of Limerick namely the Popular Music and Popular Culture Research Cluster and the Power, Discourse and Society Research Cluster


Wednesday 8th   - International Women's Day  - Celebrate with Limerick's

'Ukealadies' group @ 12.15pm 




Thursday 9th  - ARTISTS TALK with Celia Hepton, participating artist in

The Painting Show  @ 2pm



Celia Hempton’s paintings embrace every subject with a desire to capture and monumentalise a moment in time. Her work often comments upon the act of looking and how this shapes the way in which images are formed, framed and responded to in our image-saturated digital culture. 

In the series Chat Random, Hempton visited internet chat rooms, which are often used to connect strangers for sexual gratification, and asked the people she met if they would model for her. The resulting paintings are performative, time-specific works, painted only during the time the model chose to stay on screen, with the size of the canvas mimicking the size of a laptop screen. Paintings where Hempton was given longer with her subject have been worked and reworked whilst she was studying the body, whereas the briefer interactions led to an immediate response that is often unfinished.

Hempton’s previous work has treated the human body with a similar frankness, using bold colour and confronting detail to manipulate gender politics and the male gaze inherent to the nude in the history of art. In Chat Random the cropped body parts and unflattering angles presented are the choices of the subject, rather than the choice of the artist. The anonymity and fleeting social exchange of the chat room allows a rare carelessness in a digital landscape of highly edited images. These paintings document in both content and form the relationship between vulnerability, exhibitionism and voyeurism that the digital age makes possible.

Born 1981, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Lives and works in London. Studied at The Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London.


Bartok 6

Thursday 16     *The final concer in the current series.

 BARTOK Project no. 6   Bartok/Hayn/ and new work by Séan Casey performed by

the RTÉ Contempo Quartet  @ 6pm  

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New season staring in the Autumn of 2017




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