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12th September - 16th November 2008
Limerick City Gallery of Art

Simon Starling, Mirrored Wall Head, LCGA & Modern Institute Commission 2008


Mirrored Wall Head, 2008 references the stone wall tradition particular to the West of Ireland and will involve a dry stone wall being constructed in the gallery space, in which specially replicated stones will allow the wall to mirror itself. Starling’s innovative research process absorbs histories and social nuances of a locale which he re-uses and reconstructs, through his evolving transformation of objects.

Work, Made-ready, for Kunsthalle Bern, 1997, forms a centre piece of the exhibition, in which two aluminium objects, a ‘Marin Sausalito’ bicycle and a Charles Eames ‘Aluminium Group’ chair, were reconstructed using the metal from the other. The result is two handcrafted, degraded, mutations of their former manufactured selves, scarred from their material transfer. Starling’s reflections on modern manufacturing and traditional crafts show countless contradictions in the production of a single object. The work inverts the notion of the ready made in a simple but labour-intensive act of transmutation. Work, Made-ready, for Kunsthalle Bern, holds for Starling particular association to Ireland, in the form of reference to Flann O’Brien’s novel ‘The Third Policeman’.

Silversalts, 2008 a Silver Gelatin Print of the atomic structure of a silver particle and Platinum, 2008 a Platinum Palladium Print of the atomic structure of a platinum particle, investigate the very essence of the material as Starling strips back silver and platinum to its base atomic form.  Silver Particle / Bronze (After Henry Moore) 2008, playfully explores the intimate relationships between craft, material and technique by making visible a single silver particle, from a vintage silver gelatin print of Reclining Figure No.4 1955 by Henry Moore, and enlarging by 300,000 into a bronze cast.

Three Birds, Seven Stories, Interpolations and Bifurcations, 2008, first realised in Turin ‘La Fetta di Polenta’ an extraordinary house with seven floors, draws on a number of different versions of a story, of German architect Eckart Muthesius being employed by the Maharajah of Indore in 1929 to design and build him a palace in India. Through a series of 21 platinum palladium prints Starling allows viewers to construct their own stories based on the rich array of fragments he puts on display.

The exhibition was opened on Thursday 11th September by Olivia Loughnane, Shannon Development Director of Research and Communications.

Simon Starling, Particle Projection Loop - Installation LCGA

  Simon Starling, Project for Lake Ontorio, Collage 2006

Simon Starling, Three Birds, Seven Stories....21 Photographs. Installation LCGA

 Simon Starling, Platium Salts, Platium Poladium Print, 2008

Simon Starling was born in Epson 1967 graduated from Glasgow School of Art. He has been widely exhibited internationally, most recently at the Sydney Biennale (2008), the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest (2008), The Power Plant, Toronto (2008), The Modern Institute, Glasgow (2008), and the Museum Folkwang, Essen (2007). Simon Starling lives and works in Copenhagen, Berlin and is Professor of Fine Arts at the Staedelschule in Frankfurt. In 2005, Starling was the recipient of the prestigious Turner Prize.

Works Courtesy of the artist, The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd. Glasgow; The Regional Fund for Contemporary Art, Languedoc-Roussillon and Galleria Franco Noero, Torino, Italy.

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