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OPEN/INVITED e v+ a 2010 - Matters

Friday 12 March 2010,
LSAD Gallery, Limerick School of Art & Design, Clare Street Campus, Clare Street, Limerick

OPEN/INVITED e v+ a 2010: Matters will be opened officially at LSAD Gallery, 

Limerick School of Art & Design, Clare Street on Friday 12 March 2010


Curator: Elizabeth Hatz ( Sweden )


Curator’s Statement

I practice architecture and was born with art.  The two are from the beginning inter-twined and mutually fertilising.   I divide my time-space between Sweden and Ireland, between Stockholm and Limerick.   e v+ a takes place in Limerick.  Limerick has grown on me – I have become attached to it, because I cannot make it out.  It is not charming – it is irresistible.  It’s a city of contradictions and conflicts, most segregated of places in Ireland , physically and mentally.  It is rough and gentle in the weirdest mix. Planned for the car, fragmented and smashed apart and left with a truly lovable – neglected and dying – city centre, truffled with great little butcher shops.  It defies 21st century idea of urbanity and urban living by the persistent and perplexing presence of animals; sheep and cows, rare birds, horses pulling sulkies in the middle of the streets or grazing impediments within the road spaghetti.  Both invisible and highly physical walls cut across the city, pulling neighbourhoods far apart.  Remnants of crashed Celtic Tiger Dreams stand like monuments with their halted cranes and half finished towers.  In many ways, Limerick is like a miniature image of current conditions, displaying in a single glimpse the passionate absurdities and restraining certitudes.  Limerick is longing to be seen.


For the OPEN / INVITED e v+ a we will make available the mapping work done during past summer by The Intelligence Unit at SAUL, University of Limerick . It is offered as factual material on the city and its region for those who wish to find out more about the place in which e v+ a 2010 will take place.



INVITED e v+ a 2010 – Artists

Peter Carroll & John Gerrard (IRL),Tom de Paor & Peter Maybury (IRL), Shin Egashira (Japan/UK), Eva Hild (Sweden), Rebecca Ivatts (UK), Hans Josephsohn (Switzerland), Michael Kane (IRL), Peter Märkli (Switzerland), Staffan Nihlén (Sweden), John Pickering (UK), Stephen Rothschild (IRL), Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore/UK), Janna Syvänoja (Finland), Wang Ruobing (China/Singapore/UK).


OPEN e v+ a 2010 – Artists

Kaspar Aus (Estonia), Matthew Beattie (IRL), Javier Burón & Eleanor Moloney (Spain & IRL), Loretto Cooney (IRL), Aoife Desmond (IRL), Simon English (IRL), Tom Fitzgerald (IRL), Leo Fitzmaurice (UK), Christina Gangos-Klien (Greece/IRL), Stephen Hall (UK), Johanna Hällsten (Sweden/UK), Fionnuala Hanahoe (IRL), Karen Hendy (IRL), Sandy Kennedy (IRL), Kirsty Kilbane (IRL), Caoimhe Kilfeather (IRL), Valérie Kolakis (Greece), Christopher Leach (IRL), David Lilburn (IRL), Sarah Lincoln (IRL), Liu Wei (China), Jacob Maendel (USA), Francis Matthews (IRL), Maria McKinney (IRL), Ben Mullen (IRL), Oonagh O’Brien (IRL), Robin Parmar (IRL/Canada), Patricia Reed (Canada/Germany), Fiona Reilly (IRL), Tia Schmidt (Germany), Lytle Shaw & Jimbo Blachly (USA), Myles Shelly (IRL), Sunghoon Son (South Korea/UK), Spiritstore (IRL), Christine Tauber (Austria/Switzerland), David Theobald (UK), Allard van Hoorn (Netherlands), Tara Whelan (IRL), Xia Peng (China).


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