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Still life with... extended

4 June - 20 August 2010
The Hunt Museum, Rutland Street, Limerick

LCGA / MIC / Hunt Museum / AIB Prize 2009

Opening at the Hunt Museum on Thursday 3 June 2010 at 7pm. 

The exhibition will run from 4 June - 20 August 2010.

Limerick City Gallery of Art is pleased to announce the AIB Prize 2009 exhibition by Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly opening at the Hunt Museum on Thursday 3 June 2010 at 7pm. The exhibition is bipartite in structure with works on display at the Hunt Museum and at Limerick City Council, Istabraq Hall, Merchants Quay, where LCGA will take up residency during the redevelopment of the Carnegie Building .

The Hunt Museum

The project is inspired by Patrick Hennessy’s magnificent Still life painting from the permanent collection of Limerick City Gallery of Art. Still life with... reconstructs the original Still life as a 3-dimensional set, inviting you to step right into the painting. It provides a meeting place for pixels and pigments, for moving and fixed images, for shimmering light and hard matter, for young and old. Depending on the visitor’s reaction, the exhibition can be a drawing exercise, a performance, a dialogue between old and new, a reflection on pictorial space... or simply a game.

Still life with... is a space into which the viewer can step—to be part of this three-dimensional exploration of painting currently under construction in Limerick. Eighteen young student teachers - from Mary Immaculate College at the University of Limerick - are busy building the giant fruit that will form the heart of the installation, while the artists Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly are elaborating three interactive installations that will interpret movement and stillness.

Every year The AIB Prize identifies emerging Irish visual artists and helps them launch their career through the staging of a showcase exhibition in a publicly funded venue. Winners of the AIB Prize 2009, the artists hope—through this ground-breaking project—to push the boundaries of educational models for cultural projects, and so the choice of working with student teachers was a judicious one. The project will impact not only on the young people directly involved, but will resonate on future generations of children through the experiences and confidence gained by their teachers in working with contemporary art. Once installed, Still life with... is as much about what moves as what is still. The interactive video projections study moving bodies - people - and how they interact with the still objects of the installation. Meanwhile easels invite visitors who might prefer a more traditional approach to take up a pencil and draw their own still life.

Limerick City Council, Istabraq Hall

A selection of video works dating from 1998 to 2010 will be exhibited at Limerick City Council, Istabraq Hall on Merchants Quay including the award-winning Scenes from the Boulevard (2002), a mixture of real life documentary, performance, choreography and experimentation. Shot from the fifth floor of a Parisian apartment block, the artists consider the world below as the set for a series of scenes to be played out, exploring that fuzzy line between fiction and reality. Also exhibited are extracts from Touchy (1998), Natures Construites (2007) and a selection of videos and photographs from Moving Dublin (2009). “It’s not about one person, but a plethora of people stitched together. It is full of that sort of truth about how we are as a flawed, miserable, attractive, funny people.” (Eamon Ryan, TD, 2009)

Visitors to Limerick for the exhibition will also have the opportunity to see Cleary & Connolly's new permanent interactive work Day One Today in the reception area of Limerick School of Art and Design.

Award winning Irish artists Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly live and work in Paris, where they moved in 1990 following architectural studies in Dublin during the 1980s. Patterns of behaviour, both in cities and within our institutions, are a central preoccupation of their work; and these they examine through narrative and interactive video, installation, photography, and text. Cleary and Connolly see their work as an ongoing engagement with the world.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Pourquoi pas toi at the Pompidou Centre; Moving Dublin at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris; Here There Now Then at the Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland; and Yokohama House Guests at the Yokohama Triennial, Japan .
Recent group exhibitions include: Sombras e Luz, Sesc Pompéia, Sao Paulo ; Noughties but Nice, 21st Century Irish Art. LCGA, Limerick; TULCA Season of visual art, Galway; Do Something Different, the Barbican Centre, London; Tina –B, National Gallery, Prague; Global Tour, W139, Amsterdam.

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The Hunt Museum
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Opening hours Monday- Saturday 10.00-5.00, Sunday 2.00-5.00

Limerick City Council, Istabraq Hall
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Still life with...Events at the Hunt Museum

All bookings to the Hunt Museum

Thursday 3 June, 7pm

Opening reception

Friday 4 June, 1pm

Artist’s talk with Anne Cleary in the Captain’s Room

Saturday 19 June, 1pm

Still Life with... a historical survey

Lecture with Karolina Badzmierowska and Marietheres Schulze

Saturday 10 July, 11.30am-1pm

Still Life with...

Family Movement workshop with dancer Cindy Cummings

Saturday 10 July, 2.30pm-3.30pm

Dance improvisation performance with Cindy Cummings followed by artists’ talk with Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly




The Limerick City Gallery of Art acknowledges the financial support of AIB prize 2009 and the Arts Council in making this exhibition possible. Still life with… is in partnership with The Hunt Museum and Mary Immaculate College at the University of Limerick.

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